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    2. Leading world class pulp molding machinery and equipment and engineering design
      •  Mechanical equipment
        Mechanical equipment
        We have semi-automatic reciprocating machine/full-automatic drum forming machine/full-automatic roll-setting machine/full-automatic double drum production line/paper tableware production machine/full-automatic package production line/full-automatic two-sided drum production line/full-automatic four-sided drum production line/multi-layer drying line.
      • mould
        Mold is an essential part of pulp molding production line. Good mold comes from professional design, professional design to create better products. The mould for the pulp molding equipment production line in Central China is all designed and manufactured by our company.
      • product
        Pulp molding machine production line is used in poultry breeding, animal husbandry, agriculture, pulp production industry, printing industry, paper industry, tableware, fast food box, dinner plate, dish, vegetable tray, high-grade electronic products industry, footwear, medicine, electronic appliances, etc. ...
      • Production
        Production site
        No matter how good the equipment is, it can't guarantee 100% qualified products every time. So on the production site, the production supervisor must summarize the problems that may occur in each production link, and then assign the responsibility to each post in a clear and orderly way....
      Standing at the user's point of view, thinking about problems, in-depth communication with customers, find a good solution.
      How far a person can go depends on who to go with. Central Science and Technology is a vigorous and dynamic team, but also a professional technology, management humanization, innovation and learning team.

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